Naruto 690 – Kaguya using Kamui

So Kaguya should not have jumped with her face into Sakura’s fist Naruto 690 scans and the naruto 690 spoilers will be available before its release.
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naruto 690 manga

naruto 690 manga

If you think Sasuke is awesome, cool. I don’t. Sasuke is not selfish, he hasn’t done anything that would benefit him. He’s done everything that would help him achieve his goal of vengeance, whether it cost him his life or not. He’s also not mentally unstable or even remotely close to psychotic, and Sasuke has proven this many times. Again, it’s understandable given the horrible experiences he has been through in his childhood, but he’s still sane.

Sasuke after talking with Hashirama is a better choice because he’d at least go for protecting the majority, not just his friends and let everyone else be in danger. There is no personality disorder. Sasuke wanted revenge at the start, then Naruto and Sakura’s influence changed him into a less self-centered person, then Orochimaru planted a seed that made Sasuke crave power, and Naruto’s power, Itachi, and Sasuke’s own superiority complex made Sasuke jealous, and then the Sound 4 beat Sasuke up and made him feel weak, and from that Sasuke decided to be about power. Sasuke was willing to kill his former teammates, but he wasn’t hunting them, they came after him, and even then Sasuke refused to take any innocent life despite spending two years with Orochimaru and being egged to kill.
Sasuke could to.