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As Nodt,bleach 569 was because of an ability that nullified As Nodt’s, that’s it. The thin layer of ice was ideal for attacks that rely on absorption through the skin, as far as I can remember As Nodt’s is the only one that operates as such, if she’d tried to rely on such an ability against any of the other Quincies or any other top-tier fighter, it would’ve been pretty worthless as a defence. She was uniquely qualified to handle As Nodt’s hax Fear. The second thing is its difficult to determine how much her speed has increased; As Nodt has zero speed feats, the guy just stands in place and relies on the effects of his Fear, from there it’s pretty much over.


bleach manga 569

bleach manga 569


Well, nodt has shown to be a very competent stern riter overall. He does rely on his fear, as everyone does on their special ability, but that is not to say he does not have at least the basic stuff expected from someone on the captain level. Nodt has his fear but he was still competent enough to actually keep byakuya at bay and byakuya himself failed miserably at cutting him in spite getting in proper range to do so. Blut vene has shown to be an exceptional defense so far. Yamamoto barely got past royd’s defense with his shikai in spite of the fact that his shikai was enough to take out 3 stern riter moments earlier. Kirge consistently blocked ichigo’s tensa zangetsu and GT. In spite of ichigo’s no less than overwhelming advantage during the fight he never actually even put a dent on kirge’s blut vene. Even a worn out first timer ichigo was able to block the actual juhabach’s blade with his blut. Rukia cutting nodt means she got father into the fight with just shikai than byakuya ever did. Byakuya himself failed miserably at cutting nodt with his sword after all. It would seem like the only reason he even did something with his shikai earlier on was due to carelessness if we consider mask’s reaction. Which is consistent with byakuya not being able to cut nodt later on. Rukia’s ability IMO is extremely dangerous against just about anyone. Anything that can be frozen is effectively useless against her and just being at close range with her can be deadly (which I would argue is why nodt was frozen after rukia went to her absolute 0 mode).


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One Piece 738 Manga – One Piece 738 Page 1

The main problem,one piece 738 is that Pica doesn’t have enough power to hold BOTH Luffy + Zoro. These two are too powerful to stop them from advancing for a long period of time. I did read your post but it seemed kinda outrageous from my point of view because stopping one of them is hard enough but stopping both is almost impossible.

Kinemon might use his df power to create an invisible cloak hiding himself somewhere.


one piece 738

one piece 738


My problem with Rebecca is aesthetics. Her character design is too plain. Yes she is in a colosseum but other people in the colosseum have more interesting design. She wears plain scantily clad clothing, no interesting ability, and has a semi-linear poor princess narrative. Someone like Boney is more interesting but she has her own crew. To me it is not about how strong they are but about how interesting the character is and what inventive abilities they will have. However Oda could resort to interesting guy characters and women with big breast like other manga writers but hopefully he keeps being better than that. Lately Oda has made various female royalty members have observation haki.

Oda could add color to Rebecca over time and build her into a more three dimensional character but currently she seems too nice and simple to be a pirate and/or join the crew. Violet is a bit better since there is like to be cunning and there is some intrigue, but it would just just lead to Sanji fathering a child. DD already thought that Violet would make a better pirate. Having a child in the crew would be ok, but it seems harder to get to the One Piece with a baby on board. However Sanji could just act like a pirate and leave her pregnant with child. I imagine that what Sanji was thinking when Violet was reading his mind was probably RXXXMA^2 rated.


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Naruto 665 Release Date – The Resurrection Jutsu

Rinne Tensei is the resurrection jutsu.naruto 665 You’re probably thinking of Basho Tenin and/or Shinra Tensei, which are the Deva powers. Looking at it for more than a second though it seems as if Madara is either using both jutsu at the same time or using a wholly new jutsu that lies between BT/ST in order to hold Sasuke perfectly in place.


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


The people in between them , Obito’s own abilities. He didn’t expect to be necessary, so he wasn’t waiting, if the command came he would act, but otherwise, he was just chilling. Basically a Path, but not. No that’s not the sequence, you claimed Madara used Rinne Tensei before, and I said no, it was Obito who would’ve been utilising Rinne Tensei with Madara playing the role of puppeteer. Who knows what Zetsu is on? And that wouldn’t change anything. I’d say that’s pretty relvant, not just to us, but the shinobi around. And over and over again, no on wanted to hear it. But there are some. And it was at that point that Madara decided to explain. So Swirly Zetsu is showing that the Zetsus are quite adept at techniuqes, if he can use techniques like the ones he’s been utilising, the idea that Zatsu wouldn’t be able to use Rinne Tensei seems like a distant stretch. You’re right he didn’t say fine, he says good, good is better than fine, let’s be specific. Some time means when, and you’re suggestion is after the events we’ve been addressing. He didn’t knock their hope down, they would’ve been just as phased if he’d done it as soon as Obito was brought down, they jumped into action. He did call on a Zetsu; see Rinne Tensei. You just described it as a simple rod in the pressure point, obviously it’s more complicated that that, and Tobirama spat some needles, that wasn’t a jutsu, that was him spitting, dangerous spitting, but spitting none the less.


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