Naruto 689 Manga – Kakashi utilized a Susanoo

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naruto 689 manga

naruto 689 manga

What the hell happened there with Kaguya? I will have to re-read it on mangastream and watch Sawyer’s review to get it I think.

But how the hell did Obito manage to transfer his eyes to Kakashi in an instant? And how could he know how to use a perfect susanoo? And HOW will he have the body to handle two mangekyos? Unless he’ll be able to shut them off somehow.Just thought of something, this sharingan thing with Kakashi can’t be permanent. Perhaps it’s just Obito’s chakra that was fused with Kakashi somehow. And while that chakra is there, Obito’s sharingans are there? Even Sasuke says “That’s impossible”, so it’s not like Kishimoto’s not aware that this shouldn’t be possible. It’s just classic Kishimoto trolling. He’ll explain it more in future chapters.I’m so happy right now, I can’t even think of potential plotholes. I knew we’d see the day where Kakashi utilized a Susanoo (I love how it has a little eye scar), ever since the masked man was revealed to be Obito. I did however wonder how he could house two sharingans. But you know, I never did understand why he couldn’t revert to a normal eye. He had the original user’s eye implanted, and he was capable of turning his eye back to it’s normal state. Shouldn’t Kakashi be able to do the same? Or maybe he’ll have a cool new design where his headband covers both of his eyes lol. (Oh, and I enjoy Sawyer’s reviews too.)

The moment I read the chapter’s title, I almost had a heart attack. After watching Obito disintegrate before our eyes last chapter, I feared all hope may had been lost. It’s actually been a little while since I really enjoyed a chapter of Naruto, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Naruto was impressive was his new Sage Art as well; something else I had hoped we’d eventually see. The only reason I ever wanted Naruto to have the rinnegan was for access to all the elements. Little did I know he’d go beyond the basic four, and have access to one of a kind styles, like the Matatabi’s Blue and Black flames.

Naruto 689 – Kakashi’s Strongest Chakra

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naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

should not kaguya be able to evade naruto’s shurikendamas? she only stared at the attack and stayed there as if the attack is unavoidable.she had 360 degree line of sight due to her byakugan,and sensory capabilities and a speed to biltz naruto’s clones and dodge blade of sasuke’s perfect susanoo.
her arm could not regenerate even if she had strongest chakra. i was expecting her to go on rampage because naruto seperated zetsu from her, and nailed him.

another speed issue: how could kakashi save sakura before the beast hits her. clone naruto could barely save naruto and sasuke. still kakashi stabilized his perfect susanoo and covered that distance within such a short amount of time. that is pretty BS. i hope sasuke will ask him how it happened, just like kakashi asked minato how he achieved sage mode.

Ok but before you guys rip me apart now, all i’m saying is that something like that might be possible. But i absolutely don’t believe there is anyone in the Narutoverse who could pull such a stunt. Not even Kaguya could do something like that.Let’s not forget that Kakashi won’t be able to use Raikiri and Chidori because of the tunnel vision effect he suffers from without the Sharingan. Damn, that sucks. He’s still a very capable ninja, but we can’t forget that the Sharingan literally made him who he was. Even most of his Taijutsu was heavily based on utilizing the Sharingan.

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As Nodt,bleach 569 was because of an ability that nullified As Nodt’s, that’s it. The thin layer of ice was ideal for attacks that rely on absorption through the skin, as far as I can remember As Nodt’s is the only one that operates as such, if she’d tried to rely on such an ability against any of the other Quincies or any other top-tier fighter, it would’ve been pretty worthless as a defence. She was uniquely qualified to handle As Nodt’s hax Fear. The second thing is its difficult to determine how much her speed has increased; As Nodt has zero speed feats, the guy just stands in place and relies on the effects of his Fear, from there it’s pretty much over.


bleach manga 569

bleach manga 569


Well, nodt has shown to be a very competent stern riter overall. He does rely on his fear, as everyone does on their special ability, but that is not to say he does not have at least the basic stuff expected from someone on the captain level. Nodt has his fear but he was still competent enough to actually keep byakuya at bay and byakuya himself failed miserably at cutting him in spite getting in proper range to do so. Blut vene has shown to be an exceptional defense so far. Yamamoto barely got past royd’s defense with his shikai in spite of the fact that his shikai was enough to take out 3 stern riter moments earlier. Kirge consistently blocked ichigo’s tensa zangetsu and GT. In spite of ichigo’s no less than overwhelming advantage during the fight he never actually even put a dent on kirge’s blut vene. Even a worn out first timer ichigo was able to block the actual juhabach’s blade with his blut. Rukia cutting nodt means she got father into the fight with just shikai than byakuya ever did. Byakuya himself failed miserably at cutting nodt with his sword after all. It would seem like the only reason he even did something with his shikai earlier on was due to carelessness if we consider mask’s reaction. Which is consistent with byakuya not being able to cut nodt later on. Rukia’s ability IMO is extremely dangerous against just about anyone. Anything that can be frozen is effectively useless against her and just being at close range with her can be deadly (which I would argue is why nodt was frozen after rukia went to her absolute 0 mode).


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